This decision maker works at.....*
(e.g Cisco, NetApp, HomeDepot, or even, Storage company with $1b in revenue)

Job title I am referring is about* ( e.g Network Administrator, Controller,)

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At Ntroduction, Enterprise Consultants, Employees Ex-colleagues, Family and Friends are introducing Decision Makers to Job Seekers, Consultants and Sales Professionals for Jobs and Sales!

We are called 'Better LinkedIn' by our members!

With LInkedIn, It takes a lot of time and effort to simply get 'connected', let alone find out if they are ready to hire or buy. However, through Introduction Providers, Ntroduction enables you to get introduced to decision makers who are ready to hire or buy today

Better than lead generation or resume flashing

Whether you are looking for Job or Sales, Get introduced and get into the trusted network of the decision makers quickly!

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Introduce a Hiring Manager or a Customer,
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Build a  network that you can rely on for your Professional Success

Thousands of Professionals use Ntroduction for Peer to Peer Introductions

I can
Introduce ...

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As a Job Seeker, request an introduction to Hiring Managers at a company of your choice  - Its FREE to request!

Anybody can simultaneously request for an Introduction as well as provide an Introduction!

Ntroduction is the FIRST Peer to Peer Introduction site where professionals like you provide an introduction or request an introduction to another professional.

As an Introduction Provider, build a Strong Reciprocating NetworkProvide an introduction for free in exchange for an introduction, or charge an introduction fee

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